Synthesis Max

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Packing: 1 Liter
Synthesis Max
(Fully Synthetic Kart 2 Stroke Racing Oil)

Synthesis Max Kart Oil is one of a new range of fully synthetic lubricants, and has been developed to meet the exacting demands of top flight kart racing. Synthesis Max Kart Oil is made from a variety of synthetic base stocks including N.H.C. Polyol Esters and Poly Iso Butylenes, but benefits from the inclusion of synthetics of a much larger molecular structure giving increased boundary lubrication and offering a wide buffer zone of protection.

We believe we have succeeded in producing one of the most outstanding 2 stroke kart lubricants available anywhere.

  • Ultra low rates of wear
  • High lubricity preventing oil induced piston seizures
  • High shear stability even under the severest conditions
  • Increased engine reliability
  • No lacquer, gumming or ring sticking
  • Ultra clean burning with little or no carbon deposits
  • Excellent fluidity/pour point for use in wide range of temperatures
  • Easy mixing
  • Smokeless


Synthesis Max Kart Oil must not be used with castor based oils.

Synthesis Max Kart Oil will mix with leaded, unleaded, Avgas and Octane Boosters but not Methanol. Synthesis Max Kart Oil is not suitable for use in oil injection systems.

Synthesis Max Kart Oil meets or exceeds the following specifications:


Iced Kool
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Packing: 1 L

Iced Kool

Iced Kool is a high performance, ready to use engine coolant which helps engines run cooler in arduous racing conditions, protects multi-metal cooling systems and provides freeze protection down to-34°C .

Iced Kool should only be used as a complete engine coolant, not further diluted.

  • Outstanding heat transfer properties for reduced operating temperatures in racing applications.
  • Utilises OAT inhibitor technology and is free from nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates and silicates
  • Excellent compatibility with seals and water pump materials
  • Low toxicity, environmentally non hazardous and biodegradable
  • Unlike traditional coolants which employ inorganic inhibitors, Iced Kool has excellent stability and very low inhibitor depletion rates
  • Iced Kool is compatible with most other ethylene glycol and propylene glycol based coolants but for optimum performance and durability we recommend that prior to using Iced Kool in systems previously filled with traditional coolant that the cooling system is drained and flushed with clean water.
  • Gives total protection from -34C to normal operating temperatures

Iced Kool exceeds the requirements of most European and International Standards including:

ASTM D5216, BS 6580 (1992)
AFNOR NF R15-601 (except reserve alkalinity)

Typical Physical Characteristics
Density @ 15°C 1.020
Freezing Point -34°C
Appearance Clear Blue liquid

dot 5.1
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Packing: 500 mL

DOT 5.1 Universal Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Fluid

Rock DOT 5.1 is a high quality brake and clutch fluid, blended from superior materials to a high standard of purity.

  • Suitable for use in all motor vehicles and motorcycles made in the UK, USA, Europe and Japan
  • It cannot be used in Citroen or other vehicles requiring mineral based fluids
  • Mixes safely with the SAE J1703, DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake fluids

DOT 5.1 is designed to meet the stringent demands of the following specifications:

SAE J1703, SAE J 1704

US FMVSS 116 DOT 5.1, DOT 4 AND DOT 3.

ISO 4925


Brake fluid can damage vehicle paintwork and it must be washed off with water immediately. It is also necessary to keep the container tightly sealed to prevent absorption of moisture.

Contamination with dirt, water, petroleum products or other materials may result in brake failure or costly repairs.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Density @ 20C 1.050
Equilibrium reflux boiling point 269 C
Wet equilibrium boiling point 187 C
Viscosity @ -40C 810 cSt
Viscosity @ 100C 2.16 cSt
chain lube
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Packing: 500 mL

Chain Lube

Rock chain lube is a mineral / synthetic composite oil which is also heat sensitive.

  • Penetrates inner pins and inside of the chain rollers
  • Thickens to a viscous, extreme pressure lubricant
  • Offers exceptional protection against shock loadings Resists flinging to a remarkable degree
  • Suitable for all 'O' ring and 'X' ring chains
  • Applied from an aerosolised container for ease of use
  • Contains advanced anti-corrosion and dewatering additives to help increase chain life
  • Extreme pressure additives reduce surface contact at the chain / sprocket interface, hence increasing sprocket life


Always allow solvent to evaporate to leave finished product, failure to do so will allow product to fling. This process takes approximately 20 minutes depending upon ambient temperature.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Density 0.898
Viscosity @ 100C 175.0cSt
Viscosity Index 110
Solvent Content 23%
Appearance Viscous blue liquid
chain wax
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Packing: 500 mL

Chain Wax

Chain Wax is essential to help keep your chain in good working order. A well waxed chain will not only last significantly longer but will also extend the life of sprockets and reduce friction thus increasing power.

Applied from an aerosol container Rock Oil's chain wax penetrates the inside of the chain's rollers and thickens to a viscous wax which ensures optimum power delivery by reducing friction and noise and absorbing the shocks encountered between chain and sprocket.

Directions For Use

Clean chain using a paintbrush and a small amount of oil cleaner (e.g. Rock Oil Soluble Oil Cleanser).

Apply chain wax sparingly to bottom run of chain, covering all rollers and side plates.

Allow chain wax to penetrate and thicken.

Complete thickening usually takes 30 minutes, however this time may significantly be increased in cold weather when it is advisable to leave overnight.

For best results use little and often.


In certain circumstances, such as over application or riding before the wax has been allowed to thicken, excess chain wax may be flung onto the rear tyre.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Density @ 15C 0.897
Viscosity @ 100C 150.0 cSt
Viscosity Index 110
Solvent Content 23%
Appearance Brown solid
dirt blaster
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Packing: 1 L

Dirt Blaster

Rock Oil's Dirt Blaster is a high performance, biodegradable, detergent package suitable for most cleaning applications where the removal of dirt, oils and greases is required. Dirt Blaster is safe to use on most delicate materials but when cleaning polished alloys the product should not be allowed to dry.

  • Caustic soda free and suitable for use with most motorcycle components
  • Advanced, biodegradable formulation boosts cleaning properties in hard water areas and also reduces scale build up when used through pressure washers
  • Outstanding performance under normal conditions with minimal agitation
  • The product is not classified as hazardous under current legislation although contact with eyes, as with any detergent, should be avoided

Instructions For Use:

It is recommended that Dirt Blaster is used straight from the bottle

Spray onto the surface to be cleaned, slight agitation with a soft brush may be required for heavy soiling Rinse thoroughly with clean water, leathering is not normally required

This versatile cleaner may also be applied through hot or cold water pressure washer systems and diluted with up to 100 parts water

Important Note:

Dirt Blaster is suitable for use with most materials used in the construction of motorcycles, including paintwork, alloys and composites. However due to continual development of these materials it is strongly recommended that the product is spot tested the first time it is used.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Density @ 15C 1.030 kg/L
pH value 11.0
Appearance Clear Green Liquid

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Packing: 1 L

Brake Kleen

A highly efficient general purpose cleaning solvent designed to replace 1.1.1.trichloroethane.

  • Ideal for the efficient and speedy cleaning of all brake parts
  • Low toxicity
  • Leaves no residue and does not cause corrosion on metals
  • Safe to use on most plastics or fibres (it is advisable to test a small sample first)
  • Evaporates quickly
  • Also suitable for cleaning most electrical apparatus, installations and delicate instruments

Directions For Use

Brake Kleen may be used as a 'dip' type cleaner or as supplied from Aerosol. The product will evaporate rapidly. Any excess should be wiped off where necessary.


Unlike 1.1.1. Trichloroethane this product contains a high level of flammable materials.